Cheshire East Council seek public’s permission to introduce double yellow lines

CHESHIRE East Council has announced that plans to implement double yellow lines in Webb’s Lane and Finney’s Lane are in consultation.

The double yellow lines in Webb’s Lane will be placed west side from its junction with Finney’s Lane for a distance of 23 metres in a southerly direction and in Finney’s Lane they will placed south side from its junction with Webb’s Lane for a distance of 31 metres in a westerly direction.

A spokesman for Cheshire East Council said: “The introduction of waiting restrictions is considered necessary to remove parked vehicles from parts of the highway where they are hindering the free flow of traffic and access and are a source of danger by restricting visibility and movement.

“Consideration has been given to the effect that the displacement of vehicles would have on neighbouring roads and as such the extents of the restrictions have been kept to a minimum.

“The proposals were supported by the local ward members for Middlewich at the meeting of the Congleton Area Highways Group in March 2018.

“The Police have been consulted and have no objections to the proposals.” Anyone who wants to have a say on the proposal can email before Thursday, November 29.

What’s your view? Is it necessary to consult the public on implementing double yellow lines? Should people in positions of power be expected to make decisions without the need to seek permission from the public? Share your views by emailing The Consultation Movement at:

This article originally appeared on Thursday 15 November 2018 in the Winsford and Middlewich Guardian. The Consultation Movement cannot confirm the accuracy of this story or confirm that it presents a balanced view. If you feel this is inaccurate we would welcome your perspective and evidence that this is the case.

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